Adam has been building my specialty props for over two decades. Small hand props to large stage pieces. Of all the amazing things Adam's custom built for me, everyone's favorite is my "feather tickler" device-- a small scissoring-action, handheld contraption that stretches out to over ten feet (so I can tickle an unsuspecting audience members ear) that snaps back in a less than a moment.  It's always reliable for getting laughs, but more than that it's just reliable--it's been all over the planet for over twenty years, and it still works perfectly.  I use it more than any other prop, tickling countless thousands and thousands of ears. Not only is it my favorite prop, it's become my signature.


Cirque du Jour / Chris Allison

Farrell Dillon

" I love it and it is treating me very well… “


Tori Ashley (Tori Kubick)

NJ Circus Arts / Doug Young

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Ryan Oakes

Our experiences working with Theatrical Contrivances have been satisfying, congenial, and highly professional. Adam built us an industrial-strength acrobatic table that fits our needs precisely and will last 100 years. He is now at work on another, more elaborate project for us, and collaborating with him on the design has been an exciting and creative process. We are looking forward to an ongoing artistic relationship.


John Towsen

Keith Nelson / Bindlestiff Circus

Jonathan Burns

Atomic entertainment

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